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Luminous Drawing Board

Luminous Drawing Board

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Give your kids a break from mobile devices and electronics and get them to express their artistic selves with the Children's Magic Luminous Drawing Board

Using a special luminous pen and our magical luminous drawing board, your kids can draw, trace, and doodle whatever they want on the board, and when they turn off the lights, their creations will come to life!

- There are no paints, pens, or markers involved so your children can draw and doodle completely mess-free.
- This provides a great way to bond with your young kids. They can draw for hours and the tablet with light up, showing them their creation before slowly fading. 
- The Children's Magic Luminous Drawing Board provides a unique and magical way for your kids to express their artistic creativity, Fun For The Whole Family

- This is a perfect idea for quality family time. Everyone can sit down and draw together. Spend more quality time with your kids! This is a creative gift for all ages.

-Leaves no marks or stains
-Fun for the whole family
-Develop drawing skills and creativity
-Iso certified and is harmless for eyes

Size: 14.5 cm x 20.5 cm
Material: PVC-based pointer (the tablet is not electrical)
Size: 14.5 cm x 20.5 cm
Age Range: 3+ Years

1 x Drawing Board
1 x Luminous Pen
1 x Tracing Card

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