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Magic White Tile Gap 2 -ORIGINAL

Magic White Tile Gap 2 -ORIGINAL

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Create a bright and airy space with our white tile gap solution
The pre-mixed formula can be used to repair concrete cracks in 30 minutes.
Has self-leveling and dry white color and can be matched to most existing concrete for indoor and outdoor use.

User-friendly rotating rubber hose head for even output control.
Environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free, safe and reliable for home use.

Amazing bright white tile gap filling agent that is Waterproof & Moldproof !

Use it for Bathtub tiles, washbasin, bathroom toilet tiles, balcony sink, porch tiles, corridor tiles and other crack landscape .


  • A ready use grouting fill in product, most easy grout product ever in the market !
  • White coloe grout to fix and coer all those old and dirty grouting.
  • Suitable for all kind of floor tiles.
  • Provides waterproof feature for floor tiles.
  • Provides anti-fungus feature to prevent fungus grow on flooring.

Specifications :

  • Material: water, resin
  • Net Content: 300 grams

30 Day Money back Guarantee

It’s amazing the amount of pride and care they put behind making the customer #1 and taking great care of people.

With every purchase, you get a 30 days money back guarantee, so can try and use our products for more than a month before you decide if you’re going to keep them.

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